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College:  University of California, Riverside

Law School:  Whittier Law School

Admitted to the Bar:   CA, 2013

Awards and Honors: Trial Advocacy Honors Board, Dean’s Merit Scholarship Recipient, Criminal Law Concentration

Hobbies : Basketball, Travel, Spending time with family, Netflix

Why I Love What I Do:

What’s most important to me is that my clients get a fair shake and are defended by the law as fully as possible. My clients are often just everyday people who made mistakes and bad decisions and eventually find themselves facing charges in criminal court. As a former Deputy District Attorney and City Prosecutor, I completely believe in the prosecution’s very high standard in proving every case it files. And when it can’t prove its case, it’s my responsibility to ensure that all of my clients’ rights are protected to get their fair day in court. It’s always important to make sure that the complete story comes to light so that we can make sure that justice is being served.

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