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Our Locations throughout California
 Los Angeles – (310) 458 1414 
Bakersfield – (661) 679 1047 
San Jose – (408) 240 0249
 Encino – (818) 346 4646 
Ventura County – (805) 626 5961 
Walnut Creek – (925) 482 0041
Newport Beach – (949) 629 2889 
Riverside – (951) 241 7194 
San Francisco – (415) 321 3728
 San Diego – (619) 231 7412 
Sacramento – (916) 379 5512

Useful Resources in Your County
Every county differs in terms of legal practices and resources. On this section of our website you can find more information on legal issues such as court locations, finding someone in jail, or DMV hearing locations. Please check the links of resources organized by county to the left of your screen, or click on the designated county that matches your case. Read each section to find what you are looking for. If you’d like to speak to a DUI lawyer near you, we offer quality legal assistance. Our team is happy to assist you and answer all your questions. We are one of the largest criminal defense law firms in San Francisco, CA and 10 other locations. We have a proven track record of successfully fighting hundreds of criminal charges, ranging from DUI and sex crimes to domestic violence and theft

Info For Your County:

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