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College:  San Jose State 2012

Law School:  Golden Gate University School of Law 2017

Admitted to the Bar:   California Bar 2018

Memberships: California DUI Lawyer’s Association, San Mateo County Bar

Hobbies and interests when not working: Spending time with my husband and pets, traveling, reading for my book club and attending Orange Theory Fitness classes.

Why I Love What I Do:

One of the reasons that I love working at MLF and why I don’t see myself leaving after 3.5 years is how great of a team we are and how everyone supports each other. Prior to working at MLF, I was working alone and I badly wanted to be on a larger team, working toward a greater purpose. I had a Jury Trial in July 2022 which really exemplified why I love working for this firm so much.

My Jury Trial was set for quite some time. My client knew when she hired us that her case would likely be going to Jury Trial as she had chosen to represent herself at the DMV Admin Per Se Hearing and wanted to fight her case when it was filed in Court. The case had strong facts in our favor and I was eager to get to trial and fight for our client. The DA would not budge on the DUI charges despite having strong evidence on our side so we set for Jury Trial and went forward.

In the weeks ahead of the trial and during the Jury Trial, I had so much support from everyone in the firm as we all want to support each other and in the practice of law, you’re never really re-inventing the wheel, when there was a situation which I was not familiar with from the pre-trial motions through preparing my closing argument, someone had a novel idea which was helpful.

I ended up prevailing, receiving Not Guilty verdicts on all counts and my client was thrilled. She had a lot on the line with this Jury Trial and knowing that she had so much of her life ahead of her, I wanted to fight for her so that she could move on with her life and not have to deal with a situation in which she was not at fault for the rest of her life.

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