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College: University of California, Irvine

Law School:  Whittier Law School

Admitted to the Bar:  California 2004

Hobbies:   Watching soccer (especially when my son plays), volunteering at my son’s school, cuddling with my cats, spending time with family and friends

Why I Love What I Do:
 I have 13 years of criminal law experience.   The first 2.5 years of my career, I was a City Prosecutor.  After that, I joined the Riverside County District

ttorney’s Office.  There I served as a Deputy District Attorney for 10 years.  Having been on one side of the law for majority of my legal career, I have the benefit of having knowledge on what it takes to build and prove a case.  I know what to look for, how to identify and overcome challenges.  I love what I do, because I feel that people deserve to be heard and given a fair chance.

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