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College: California State University, Fullerton

Law School:  Western State College of Law

Admitted to Bar:   2014

Hobbies and interests when not working:  I enjoy fishing, ice hockey and spending time with my wife and kids.

Why I Love What I Do: Before I graduated college, I had an unfortunate run in with local law enforcement near my home. I thought the incident was minor, but when I appeared at my local courthouse to contest the violation I was surprised to learn of the

 potential consequences. Fortunately, a local attorney and family friend offered to take my case and was able to work out a deal and have the violation completed dismissed. I was amazed. It was shocking to me that having an attorney could make such a huge difference in my case. A few years after this incident I applied and was accepted to law school and my legal journey began.

Fast forward to 2022. Our office was retained by a local woman who was arrested while driving home from a Doctor’s appointment on the 5 freeway for a DUI. Even though she told the officers that she had severe physical limitations due to chronic illnesses she was still asked to complete and subsequently failed to perform the field sobriety tests correctly. When here blood test results finally came back, it showed several prescribed medications in her blood. What it did NOT show was that she was suffering from blood poisoning (sepsis) that was caused by a recent procedure.

Through some hard work and subpoenaing of medical records I was able to convince the assigned prosecutor that having a medical emergency is distinctly different than driving under the influence of drugs. The case was subsequently dismissed.

The reason I love what I do is because I am able to help others just like my attorney helped me over 15 years ago and just like I helped Jane Doe who was suffering from a medical emergency and NOT DUI. Now I have the privilege of being an advocate for my clients to ensure that they are treated fairly under the law. The unfortunate truth is, sometimes people make poor choices or suffer from afflictions such as addiction that are beyond their control. Contrary to what others may believe, being arrested, charged with a crime, or suffering a conviction should not be a roadblock to future success. I always tell my clients that their current situation is only a temporary setback and I work HARD to have their case dismissed or the charges reduced. I love what I do because I love helping people and I love the law.

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